Monday, September 28, 2009

The Pumpkins are Here

Pumpkins for Sale!
150 Pumpkins looking for a new home.  We have delicious pie varieties as well as carving pumpkins and as you can see from the photograph we even have white pumpkins.
We even grew a huskless seed variety but we are keeping those all for our self.
Drop by The Car Farm and get you pumpkins before they are all gone.


  1. I love pumpkins! oooh white ones! I didn't think those were real - just thought Michaels arts and crafts just sold fake white ones for fun!! lol.
    Hey, you changed your blog! very nice!
    Oh by the way, starting up friday features on my blog! Wanna be featured Friday, October 16th?!
    Wish i was closer, i'd totally buy some pumpkins!

  2. Thank you for noticing! And they are very real, the white pumpkins that is.
    As for being your miss October 16th I would love that!! Thank you!