Monday, September 28, 2009

The Pumpkins are Here

Pumpkins for Sale!
150 Pumpkins looking for a new home.  We have delicious pie varieties as well as carving pumpkins and as you can see from the photograph we even have white pumpkins.
We even grew a huskless seed variety but we are keeping those all for our self.
Drop by The Car Farm and get you pumpkins before they are all gone.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smells like fall!

The air is cooling, the leaves are turning and there is that distinct smell filling the air. Summer is leaving and fall is now taking hold. A time when all things cozy and spiced are wanted.
That also means I have pumpkins for sale very soon!
So whether you want to carve a scary Jack'O'lantern for your front porch or you want to make pumpkin pies for Thanks giving, I have what you are looking for.
I have two white varieties.
Two varieties for your carving pleasure.
And my favorite, Small Sugar for baking and eating and all that spicy goodness.
We tried one the other night, my husband informed me that we will not be selling any this year because  he will be eating them all. They are just to good to sell!

Don't worry, they are for sale! No way can he eat over a hundred of the wonderfully delicious little darlings.

If you are interested in farm fresh pumpkins please feel free to take a wonderful Sunday drive and join us at The Car Farm.
I will happily give you the address and directions if you send us an email!

Prices vary according to size and type.  We will try and be fair as possible with our prices.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh Moosey, Portrait of a Moose-- Original Acrylic Painting

I finally listed my dear friend Moose. He and I have a had a bit of a love hate relationship. I didn't always enjoy painting him, but I will be truly sad to see him go. Anyway, I thought I should put up some better picture of the poor guy, so he doesn't get to much of a complex.

Here is his listing on etsy.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Portrait of a Moose.

Blogging has not yet become second nature to me. So, I often forget that I have this venue to discuss my process/progress or lack there of, some days. I have been slowly working on a piece I call "Portrait of a Moose". There are still a few places that need to be fully realized but I believe I may finally be putting this one to rest.

I'm done!!

I hope that people will love him like I do. Maybe he will find a nice place in a home in lieu of a real moose head. Or just because they think he is dashing!

Now, please forgive the horrible picture of my dear moose. I am going to try and get a better shot.

I will be selling him on Etsy. Please check out my shop.