Monday, May 17, 2010

50/50 Contest/Raffle.

I would like to introduce you to baby #2, as I have been referring to him/her.  We were a little bit surprised with the news of this little bundle of pure energy.  I have long since gotten rid of a large chunk of my baby stuff. I thought I was done with kids and wanted to make sure other moms could use what we had, since I wasn't going to use it again. Oh famous last word that "never".

My big surprise has led to my big idea. TADA. I need stuff and there is probably something you need too, right?! So, lets do a little figurative back scratching.

I'm doing a 50/50 style draw although. Since a new car seat doesn't come a inexpensively as I would like, this is going to be a 60/40.
60% for the wee one.
40% for the winners.  There is two draws but I will get to that.

Most people like to guess the sex and the date of birth so that is what you can buy tickets to do!

This is how it works. You buy your guesses(tickets) $1.00 each or 5 for $4.00. 

You can guess as many times you want and as many ways as you want!

You can guess for either boy or girl. Or, you can guess the date of Birth.

I had my second ultrasound today and The due date is September 23rd.
You can purchase your guess in person or through paypal
When you have finished buying your guesses you can use them all now or save some for later.

Just leave your guess(es) in the comment section or on the FB page. I will right your name down and put it in the corresponding bowl.  For the date there will be baggies, Since there are so many days in September. But if you think I will have the baby in August or October feel free to guess that way too. I will make sure the winner is picked as fair as possible. If I can figure out how, I may even video it with my web cam.

I will give you frequent updates of what the total pot is up too. And how it will be split that way you know how much you have the possibility of winning!!!

So far the pot is up to........drum roll please!

$12.00!!!! With 19 weeks to go I hope to see that number skyrocket for you and the new baby!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My tribute to mom.

That's my mom on the bottom of the doggy pile. 
Life may not have always been easy, but she never made it seem hard.
Unfortunately now, My mom lives 3000 km away.
I'm missing her terribly. Sometimes things get hard here and I wish she was around to make them seem easy.
Since she can't be I thought I would find some things that remind me of her.
These are just a few and they may change as the days go on.
I hope you love it like I love her!!
Here's to you mom!

by  claire
These are just a few of the wonderful things that remind me of my mom.
She may not understand all of them, but I do!
I love you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What to do this week? I have about ten million things to do this week I hope I can get is all done.  Especially since I'm going to be doing another show very soon!  I would love to see you there and if you cannot attend I would love if you could send someone in your place. And since it is the week following mothers days I suggest you do not get her anything this week and bring her with you to the show and get her something she really wants. Like one of my paintings or photographs or maybe something from my handmade line!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My mom's blogging!!

And she does it more often than I do.  If I could only keep up with her.  I should take lead from her and realize little short messages are ok too!. Not every entry has to be a novel.  Anyway, Mom I love the blog! It's great, I feel like I'm there with you and not 3000km away. Check out her blog.