Thursday, December 2, 2010

 This Poem was on the side bar of my mom's blog, so I stole it.   I'm not sure where she found as it is from an anonymous author.
It seemed fitting today, my  three year old woke up telling me how cold he was.  He is a nudist by nature. He is hates that at this time of year he is required to wear clothes/pajamas.  As soon as he has a single layer of clothes on he complains he is too hot and needs to be cold.  Boy does he have a treat awaiting him.  This is what he gets to look forward to. 

Winter Poem
It’s winter here in Canada
and the gentle breezes blow
70 miles an hour
at 35 below
Oh, how I love Canada
when the snow’s up to your butt
you take a breath of winter
and your nose gets frozen shut
Yes the winter here is wonderful
so I guess I’ll hang around
I could never leave Canada
I’m frozen to the ground!
~Author Unknown~
Cute huh?!

So how do you combat the cold? Well here are a few items I found.

And well because us Crazy Canucks  like small dogs too.