Saturday, September 5, 2009

Portrait of a Moose.

Blogging has not yet become second nature to me. So, I often forget that I have this venue to discuss my process/progress or lack there of, some days. I have been slowly working on a piece I call "Portrait of a Moose". There are still a few places that need to be fully realized but I believe I may finally be putting this one to rest.

I'm done!!

I hope that people will love him like I do. Maybe he will find a nice place in a home in lieu of a real moose head. Or just because they think he is dashing!

Now, please forgive the horrible picture of my dear moose. I am going to try and get a better shot.

I will be selling him on Etsy. Please check out my shop.


  1. i love it! the colours are amazing! Great job hun!

  2. I like the light around his head..nice work!