Sunday, November 15, 2009

James North Art Crawl/ River Arts Festival

I live my life day to day, not always by choice but that is how things are. Plans change, ideas change, generally, things just happen.  So, than it comes as no shock when I say that I was unable to attend the James North Art Crawl. I opted however to attend, with hubby and boy in tow, a performance at Flyers Cafe in Dunnvill, ON as part of The River Arts Festival.  I figured instead of spending the money to drive 45 minutes to Hamilton that we would go to town instead and see what our local arts festival had to offer.   The festival has been going on since Novemeber 7th and this is the first time I have checked any part of it out.

Friday, had to talented musicians, unfortunately, I was only able to stay for the first one.  Yes, refer back to hubby and boy in tow.  Boy was being boy and hubby was going to have a coronary.  What I did happen to have a chance to see was very inspiring.  The entire store front of Flyers was filled with works by visual artists.  At the back of the Cafe, the actual cafe, is where we had the joy of watching a young talent singer/songwriter/musician Nate Waldes.  If his performance Friday night is any indication of his future in music, I should expect great things! At 17 he sang with confidence. Singing both original songs and covers of some of his favorites. His between song ramble was humorous.  I would venture a guess that he will be doing this for many years to come with success.

I'm hoping that today, if I can sneak away for a little while, that I can attend the "Career in the Arts Seminar taking place at Flyers.  I would love to hear what has to be said.  I'm just starting out trying to make art my career and I would love to learn how to have it bare fruit. I will be sure to let you know how that goes.

Tomorrow night, Monday November 16th, I am also hoping to sneak into town to watch a performance by Melissa McClelland!  What a joy her voice is.  Click on her name for a direct link to her site that plays songs form her newest album Victoria Day.

There has been and there is still lots more to happen at the River Arts Festival. The Festival Closes Saturday November 21st ,after a 2 week engagement, with a award ceremony, music and wrap party.  If you can please try and venture to our neck of the woods and check out the festivities.  A schedule of events can be found on the website.

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