Saturday, October 24, 2009

UP coming works.

I would love to say that at the moment I am over flowing with a vast array of ideas that are more spectacular than the last but that would be a lie.  The things I am thinking of require tools that I do not have.  So I have been trying to find ways of doing what I want with something other than I think I need.  You would think that being artistically inclined i would be more apt at thinking outside the box, but I fear, that  my long artistic hiatus caused a dam in mental capacity that has me thinking solely within the confines of a rather small box.

So to assist in my mental block or more so to assist in the realization of the ideas i do have floating around in the vast emptiness of my creative mind I am requesting the following things in a buy, sell, trade, gift or lone capacity. The last three would be preferable.
1. A sewing machine that works.  Mine has left the world of the working.
2. A better camera more zoom, more freedom, less of a compact.
3. Old family shots from the 1960's or older.  Seasonal or life moments welcome. They will be used and reused, originals not required just rights to use and reproduce. so good, clear copies or originals. Oh I have said to much.

Those are the big things right now.  I think once I can resolve those problems many of my other issues should hopefully just fall into nice little rows.  OR that is the plan.

Has it ever happened to you were you feel like your creativity is gone or that what you do have is being left unrealized?

Oh I just had a flash of genius. Now, let's hope that this is the one that will lead to a long line of genius ideas!!
And if you are wondering about the picture. It is the new growth out of the old.  Remnants of last years crop lay the ground for this years.  And it isn't always the same seed planted!

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