Friday, October 16, 2009

ACEO---A Poem for Robin.

I created my 1st ACEO last night.  Well, it isn't quite finished but if my son cooperates today I should be able to finish it.
Would you like a sneak peak?  Will you tell me what you think?

First, a little story about it.
I used to do mixed media paintings, that incorperated cut out words and or phrases to create poetry and stories on these painted backgrounds.  I haven't done one in years, they can be very time consuming and I think, in the end, they only ever appealed to me.  But that being said.  This little ACEO is a play on that idea.  I received an old bird watching book in a bag of goodies just before I had my son.  This book is from the 1920's and was in very poor condition but like all old books it has undeniable charm and appeal.  So, leafing through its pages I discovered it is beautifully illustrated and is full of a quirky and humorous dialog, that it lent it self well to this type of art.  Unfortunately, I am limited in this case by the size of the ACEO.

The process:

The Robin image is actually an image transfer done using gloss medium and the original image.  First, you apply gloss medium all over the image you want.  Apply it to the surface you are using for your art and allow it to dry fully. That is very important.  When it is dry, use a damp cloth to remove the back of the image paper and you will be left with your original image.
When that is complete you can do what ever you like to the image.

So, is it up to the ACEO standard?  Remember it isn't quite done but well on its way!

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