Thursday, August 6, 2009

Working From Home

Working from my home is definately a challenge, especially, with a small child. There are many people who do it effortlessly, or at least it looks like that to the outside world.

Tell me your deepest darkest secret...How do you do it? Really! The truth now. Do you sedate your children so they take extra long naps? Do you secretly have a maid/nanny who comes during the day/night? Or are you a complete type A, organized and a go getter?! That's it isn't it?!

I want to be that person but I think my artistic inclinations lead me in a more organization through chaos kind of direction.

But there are a few things I have learnt about trying to wear more than one hat at a time.
First, Get dressed in the morning. Of course the outfit will depend entirely on your proffesion. But If you treat it like you had an office/store front people frequent you are more inclined to treat your work place as such. This is in turn reflected in your work.

I, however, do have days where I find it hard to get out of my jammies, but I can still be productive. This, I attribute to the fact that I probably have my shoes on, Flip-Flops usually. So if you don't want to get dressed putting on your shoes may help.

These are a few of the things I find that are helping a little bit. Just little things to trick myself into saying "OK, it is time for work now."

Now, to find a way to convince my son that when my shoes are on that mommy is going to work and he has to play like a good boy. "No, eating mommy's paint!"

I gladly take suggestions and ideas on how to work from home with children. I will also love comments on my ideas.

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